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Women’s Empowerment Training – livelihoods

 Our project was created after a need was identified: Self help groups across the country were failing after their basic skills training was complete. We looked at the reasons why and set to work to find a solution. Following 4 years of success, training women for empowerment and making and selling their products globally, we want to reach many more women. To do this we will partner with other like-minded organisations to share our learnings and active further successful product development, sales and ultimately empowerment.

Secret Pillow Project India sells training aimed at Women’s Self-help Groups, Enterprises and NGOs. We believe we are the missing link between the intervention of NGO’s and the global market place.

The training we sell Is uniquely tailored to each client and based on the following themes:

  1. Developing personal self-belief as a woman (for SHGs)
  2. Sales marketing (for SHGs, Enterprises and NGOs)
  3. Teamwork and leadership (for SHGs and Enterprises)
  4. Working towards a goal of independence from NGOs (for SHGs and supporting NGOs)
  5. Accessing and being successful in the global marketplace (for SHGs, Enterprises and NGOs); product development – appealing to the western market, quality control – producing export quality goods, customer service – building a strong customer base and relationships, crowdfunding – finding new customers, generating finance, testing and launching new products at low risk, market linkages

Our training uses story-telling based on real-life experiences from our Secret Projects journey. We have a team of master trainers from India and overseas to deliver this training.

All trainees will receive a certificate of attendance from Secret Projects Global.

Here is an outline of our costings:

  1. Preparation day per international trainer 50,000 rupees
  2. Workshop delivery per international trainer 50,000 rupees
  3. SP representative and translator 25,000 rupees per day
  4. Travel and accommodation costs
  5. Training materials

All costings are negotiated on a per client basis and subject to GST and are invoice through Secret Pillow Project India Ltd.

To discuss or book training, please email

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